I ran my first 10K

Actually, it was my first race of any length.  Why start with a 10k you ask?  Why not a 5k or 1 mile?  Well, I got talked into it by my brother-in-law.  But to honest I’m glad that he talked me into it because the 10k was the perfect mix of challenge and fun.

I should probably mention that the weekend before the July 4th race I had attended an out of town wedding and had not run once in the 4 days prior to the race.  So when race day arrived I knew that I could complete a 10k; I just didn’t know what time I would cross the finish line, nor what shape I would be in when I finally did.

I woke up early.  Earlier than I had in a long time, because I knew it was important for me to eat breakfast, but didn’t want my stomach to be full for the race.  I ate my toast and berries in the comatose state that I am usually in for the first 30 minutes of my day and then headed to the race.

Pulling into the parking lot for the race was intimidating.  Actually, intimidating is an understatement because the sidewalks were full of people that looked like this…

and this…

Which is terrifying for a few reasons.

So I did some light stretching while Flo-jo and the Kenyans up there were warming up by taking strides that were reminiscent of my hardest sprint.

Before I knew it somebody announced “3 minutes till race start” and the runners edged even closer to the starting line in a huddle that was full of a collective energy that was both electric and nauseating.

I didn’t know what to expect for my first race, but about 10 seconds into the start all of the nerves had left my body as I quickly realized that I was there to complete not compete.  I had little hope of keeping up with the leader (who ended up finishing the race in something ridiculous like 34 minutes).

So I ran, and to my great great relief about a mile and a half in I got an extra boost of motivation.  My girlfriend and sisters had come to cheer me and my brother-in-law on.  Their presence served as even more motivation and it also meant I was provided with pictures to document my run.

And this fantastic picture of me crossing the finish line doing lord-knows-what with my hands.

I finished!  Which was awesome.  The chip attached to my bib told me that making it from the starting line to the finish line took me 58 minutes 50 seconds.  Under an hour?  I’ll take it.

Easily the coolest part of organized races are the freebies that the runners are entitled to after completing the race.  Even though the only thing I thought about when first crossing the finish line was water, the feelings of exhaustion and thirst quickly turned into extreme hunger.  Luckily, Chick-Fil-A was giving away free sandwiches (and I do love me some Chick-Fil-A).

With more races in the plan I’d say it would be safe to upgrade running from interest to hobby, but not yet passion.

…Still No Job

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One Response to I ran my first 10K

  1. imakeeper says:

    YAY for running! I’m obsessed with the sport…. looks like you did great and glad you enjoyed all the freebies!

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