Unlimited Obstacle Courses

My good friend Sam came to visit me a few weeks ago and I gave him a tour of my hometown.  Highlights of said tour included a Schnuck’s, both lakes, the Community Association, and a playground.

But not just any playground.

It is named “Zachary’s Playground” and it was Missouri’s first fully-accessible playground for children of all abilities.  It was built by an organization called Unlimited Play, whose mission is “to enrich lives by fostering the development of inclusive playgrounds that promote dignity, understanding and respect among children.” Can’t argue with that.

Check out Unlimited Play’s website to learn more about these amazing parks and find out where they are building next!

In addition to being fully-accessible for children of all abilities the park also accomodates 23 year olds who have trouble growing up.

As you might imagine, parents were slightly alarmed to see grown men running around a playground behaving almost exactly like this…

Sam and I–inspired by Michael, Dwight, and Andy–competed in a duatholon of obstacle courses: one short course (which was actually very difficult); and one long course (which made use of almost every piece of playground equipment in the park and was exhausting).

Without my girlfriend there to both support us and role her eyes at me (in the severe fashion that she has perfected over the course of our relationship) these obstacle courses would’ve seemed twice as difficult and half as much fun.  Also, I want to mention Sam’s girlfriend; who was greatly missed on this occasion and who would’ve been an equally avid supporter but would’ve also probably called Sam “obnoxious” at some point.

The results were as follows:

Short course: 1st place-Sam, 2nd place-Joe

Long course: 1st place-Joe, 2nd place-Sam

Being awesome friends: Tie

…Still No Job

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One Response to Unlimited Obstacle Courses

  1. amy says:

    this is my favorite to date. glad the police werent called on you two

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