My grandpa had some really random stuff.

I’ve already shown that my grandpa was a fantastic bowler.  In that post I also hinted at some of the why-did-he-have-this? items found in my grandpa’s house.  I think I might have to make a reoccurring post that classifies the things found in his place.

Like this…

Attack of the Clones? More like, Attack of the 360 Pop Shove-it

My papa was an electrician for, well, for a long time.  This isn’t particularly important, but I feel it gives some context for the picture in case you thought perhaps he was the inventor of skateboards or the owner of a skate park or (help me out, anything to do with skateboards).  He wasn’t, but for some reason he had this.

Currently, this skateboard is being watched by 4 people on ebay.  If one of them doesn’t buy it there’s a good chance I’ll be testing my skateboarding skills for the first time since the 8th grade.

…Still No Job

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