Pop, Lock n’ Penguin.

How many of you have ever played the game Trouble?  It’s a fun and simple game that requires almost no skill (unless you count being able to push a button as a skill).  You just pop the dice and move your pieces around the board until they’re all safe at home.  I think it’s pretty entertaining, but what could make it better…?


I’d like to thank my sister for the super graduation present. (though it is a bit late)

In case any legal types are reading I suppose I should make it clear that this is not in fact Milton Bradley’s Trouble but International Playthings’ Pop N’ Drop Penguins.

The game is essentially the same as Trouble except the pieces are penguins,

Which is just...just fantastic.

and there are certain spots on the board where the penguin pieces fall through the ice and into the chilly depths below.  Which–I feel it should be noted–would not be a set back for a real penguin seeing as they thrive in the cold water.  They would simply swim off and eat some krill.

I’m currently 3-0 having bested my sister once and my girlfriend twice.  I’m not going so far as to call myself King of the Penguins.  Well…not yet, or at least not publicly.

…Still No Job

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