Today I learned a little bit about cicadas.

Have you heard these things?

I'm sorry if you just hit your computer screen

They are quite loud, I find them annoying, my dog has started to eat them, I didn’t know much about the things, and my girlfriend kept asking me questions about them.  So, having the time, I did some research.  (I really need a job)

Turns out that there are different broods of cicadas.  Two of those broods are found in Missouri.  The Great Southern Brood emerges from the ground every 13 years and the Kansan Brood every 17 years.  In 1998 both of the broods emerged at the same time.  That hadn’t happened since 1777.  That’s pretty neat.

They make noise, breed, lay their eggs in the trees, and then die.  Six-8 weeks later, their babies hatch and fall to the ground where they burrow into the soil and feed on root juice for either 13 or 17 years before emerging and starting the process over.

They are relatively harmless, but that doesn’t mean I have to enjoy the sight or sound of them.

Luckily, my little brother has taken it upon himself to wage a war against these loud creatures.  He’ll stop suddenly while we’re on a walk and smash his face into the ground, then pull back and look at his prey a little confused…kinda like this…

"ruh roh?"

Unfortunately, I just heard on the radio that pets have been getting sick from eating these bugs.  I suppose I should keep a better eye on little bro.  But I’ll let Charlie eat them.

…Still No Job

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