Baseball games post-college/sans a job are a thing of glory.

I’m still learning the ropes with this whole blog thing.  I haven’t quite decided on a specific format or structure.  So in addition to the pictures I figured I would just give some of my thoughts.

I’ve always enjoyed baseball (it’s hard not to when you come from the best baseball city in the world), but this season has been a completely new experience.  Without college, I don’t have all of the activities (or social engagements 😦 ) that would otherwise take priority over watching a baseball game.  I realize that most of the baseball season takes place over the summer when the list of extracurricular commitments is limited, but normally I still had a job or some other priorities.

But now it’s no college, no job, no worries (except worrying about finding a job).  So I Pick up some beer (or lately…I don’t because I’m broke) and watch the entirety of the game.  Pre-game, game, post-game.  It is fantastic.

So in contrasts to the usual posts warning about the dangers of life after school, this post should give hope to fans of baseball.  But also,

…Still No Job

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