I played with LEGOs for the first time in about 12 years.

Went over to my girlfriend’s parents’ house to hang out and help watch her younger brother.  Ended up messing around with LEGOs for about 2 hours.  After constructing, then destructing and reconstructing different vehicles I ended up with these 2.

One of them is a jet plane that can also be a dragster/mars rover and the other started out as a car and turned into a helicopter/plane/car.  Your imagination can do anything.  I was so proud of my creations that I put them on the mantel to showcase my talent.  I’m sure my girlfriend’s parents will be thrilled.

“What’s that you ask? Did I find a job today?…No, but I made these and chose to display them on your mantel. Proud of your daughter’s choice in men?!? I thought so.”

…Still No Job

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