5 Things Recent College Graduates Hate to Hear.

Congratulations! You graduated…now what?  Now, you get to enjoy the constant attention of relatives, family friends and anyone that happens to hear that you recently completed your degree.  Sounds great doesn’t it?  Well, take it from a guy that loves attention, it’s not nearly as much fun as it seems.  Hear are 5 questions/comments you might hear around the time of your graduation. 

1.  “So do you have a job lined up?”

-Ok, technically you don’t hear this one too much after graduation.  But this is one that you start to hear as soon as you enter your last semester and will hear with increasing frequency until after graduation.  Plan on having a grad party?  Just consider hearing this question 600 times a trade off for the money in the cards.

2.  “What do you want to do with that major?”

-People only ask this question if they don’t understand what your major actually is.  Accounting majors don’t get asked this question; organizational communication majors do.

3. “Oh my (insert acquantence/relative) just started at (company) and they really love it!”

-Oh really?! Please, tell me more about how others are finding jobs and loving life.

4. “Have you thought about working at __________?”

-This one may sound harmless enough, but eventually it will wear you down.  I appreciate the ideas and considerations and I do not want to sound ungrateful.  However, most of the the time the suggestion is either 1) a company that I have looked into and have most likely been turned down by, 2) a company that I have no interest in, or 3) a company that isn’t hiring.

5. “How’s the job search going?”

-The job search is always the same.  The job search will only be going well when it has ended and at that point this would be a stupid question.

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